Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 19, 2015

The first week was the longest week of my life. Now things are picking up so I'll be home soon! Well some things this week: we had a tie draft, so everyone gets their worst tie and chucks it in a pile, then draw names from a hat to see who picks first and stuff! It was fun, never before had I seen so many hideous ties. Me and my companions are teaching two investigators that are really our teachers but holy crap. Jazilo is calm but not interested in the church, Maria gets way angry and speaks 200 mph. I start laughing because I'm used to her teaching and she gets way mad and is just on her phone the whole time. I hate people, haha. During a lesson with Jazilo, I accidently said Jesus atoned for our fishes, rather than sins so Portuguese is hard. The two words are way close together. Today the chunky texan with a lisp left so things should be so great now. My companion will finally stop scaring people because he got a front tooth! He's also creepily obsessed with our teacher or "Maria". My other companion Henwood whose never kissed a girl, said when he gets home, he will kiss 20 in 3 months. Such loose lips of him. Gym time usually is just okay because all the elders suck at sports. I'm trying to hurry so sorry this email has no sentance structure, Galaway would be so mad. 3 Elders in my zone got reassigned to Idaho and Arkansas, I just want my visa. We got two new elders, and one of them just paces for 45 minutes straight before bed. He's so weird. Anyway I like it here, even tho it doesn't seem like it :)

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