Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 12, 2015

Hello everyone! This has been the longest days ever but they are picking up so I'll be home soon :) right as I got to the MTC I started classes for Portuguese. It started out cool cause I was learning and all, now I'm so sick of listening to the teacher talk because I've hear her say it all before but don't know what the heck she means. I guess for 7 days I'm doing good, but I don't feel like it. I only get an hour to email so if my grammar sucks I'm sorry. Missionaries have been telling me what Campinas is like for those that have been there, and I guess they have holes for toilets and sleep in hammocks in shacks so I'm way pumped!

I'm in a trio companionship and they are pretty weird but I love them. They both love me and think I'm way funny. Elder Henwood is awkward but funny, today we were talking and saying "nigga" and stuff, then I said "black people" and he corrected me and said, "African". It was funnier than how I just said it I promise. Anyway he is tall and never kissed a girl so it's weird talking about girls. He's okay with it tho because he "got plenty of hugs" as he would put it. Kissing and hugging are the same, take my word for it ;) Elder Buchanan is way funny. Him and I get along so good and always have the same thoughts about things or people. He's missing a front tooth but other than that he's ight! We are around each other nonstop and things haven't been bad so that's good.  I just want to go to Brazil.

The rules for elders and sisters are gay, like I got in trouble for offering a freezing girl my jacket. Like da heck? So much has happened but I don't even have time to tell you. I'm doing great, miss most of you, haha. But send me letters through "Dear Elder" please!! It keeps me from going insane cause I get to read those all the time.


Elder Howard

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